• Iran to face the USA, England and Wales in the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Quatar


    HarryAmir are perfectly placed to provide production support for international broadcasters seeking unique in-country content around the games.

    Iran is in the World Cup! - and part of arguably the most eye-catching group of the tournament's early stages.

    A clash of rivals off the pitch, Group B is shaping up to be one of the most emotionally charged openings the tornament has witnessed.

    Whether it's for short features, interviews, punditry or live content, HarryAmir are uniquely placed to provide production support to international broadcasters looking for engaging high-quality in-country content.

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  • HarryAmir's aerials bring the magic of Iran's wildlife to the BBC's Seven Worlds One Planet


    HarryAmir's work for Altay film Germany features in the BBC's landmark Seven Worlds One Planet series

    You can imagine our thrill to finally see our work for Altay Film's sequence - covering one of Iran's rarest and least know species - feature in the Asia episode of BBC Earth's Seven Worlds One Planet series.

    Response to the sequence has been outstanding with one twitter user describing it as the scariest moment he'd seen on TV!

    Viewers in the UK can watch the full sequence on BBC iPlayer.

  • HarryAmir help YouTube's Best Ever Food Review Show capture Iran's unique cuisine


    Hit YouTube channel Best Ever Food Review Show shoots 10 part series with HarryAmir

    When top food reviewer Sonny Side (Best Ever Food Review Show) needed help to find the best food in Iran - HarryAmir was glad to help!

    The 10 episode series was trending at #33 globally on YouTube when we last looked, and it's easy to see why. Sonny's natural charm and have-a-go attitude made him a hit wherever he went! Check out the episode links below to see for yourself!

    1 - Tehran Streetfood

    2 - Tehran Breakfast

    3 - Tehran's Busiest Restaurant

    4 - Kashan Meat Tour

    5 - Isfahan Biryan/Sweets

    6 - Isfahan Camel Kebab

    7 - Varzaneh Ostrich Picnic

    8 - Semirom Nomad Feast

    9 - Tehran Extreme Stew

    10 - Tehran Home-Cooked Classics
  • HarryAmir work with ZDF/BFI production following Maya the acting tigress


    Maya - a Banyak production for ZDF/BFI follows the story of a film extra bengal tigress and her trainer

    Maya the bengal tiger became the focus of national attention when she escaped during a filming excursion from Mashad Zoo (not organised by HarryAmir!)

    The Banyak production for ZDF/BFI follows the fascinating story of the relationship between Maya and her trainer Mohsen following the escape. HarryAmir facilitated filming for the crew and Maya herself in Mashad and the Miankaleh peninsular on the Caspian sea.
  • HarryAmir support filming Iran's unique wildlife with Germany's Altay Film


    HarryAmir support Germany's Altay Film to capture Iran's unique and rare wildlife in action

    When Altay Film needed help to find and film Iran's rarest and most fascinating animal species, they turned to HarryAmir to help make it happen.

    After a three week shoot in - would you believe it... heavy rain (!) in Iran's desert mountains they finally captured the most unique footage.

    The sequence they shot went on to feature internationally in the BBC's landmark nature series Seven Worlds One Planet. Viewers in the UK can watch the full sequence on BBC iPlayer
  • HarryAmir provided aerial footage for The Music of Strangers


    Proud to have collaborated on Morgan Neville's Grammy Award Winning documentary following Yo-Yo Ma's musical journey along the Silk Road

    When Tremolo Productions, the producers of Morgan Neville's Grammy Award Winning documentary were looking for exquisite aerial footage from Iran, it was HarryAmir who delivered.

    Congratulations to the team both on the Grammy and Critics Choice awards for Best Musical Documentary.
  • Digital Content for Daimler-Benz Trucks


    HarryAmir provides all Iran production support for the Daimler Benz RoadStars digital content campaign

    When Photographer and CGI Director Hans-Peter Schroeder needed access permissions and location support for the Tehran leg of Daimler Benz's global truck campaign, HarryAmir delivered.

    The outcome? A host of exclusive digital content shot at the iconic Dome of Mina Planetarium, the largest planetarium in the Middle East, in Tehran, Iran.
  • HarryAmir produce "Evolution" film for Iranian architects


    HarryAmir's new film for Iranian architects StudioINTEGRATE

    Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghy, founders of architecture company StudioINTEGRATE asked HarryAmir to create a new film for their multi-disciplinary exhibition entitled Evolution.

    The exhibition, sponsored by the Iran Heritage Foundation, Asia House and the British Council, showcased the wealth of creativity in Iranian art, architecture, film, music and design. It featured installations, commissioned films and symposia held over the summer in London. For more info about StudioIntegrate and their exciting work see here Studio Integrate Website
  • HarryAmir collaborate on Mandela ballet "Prisoner 466"


    HarryAmir develop visuals and video content for Mandela ballet "Prisoner 466"

    HarryAmir have been busy collaborating with Hinged Dance Company in London in the development of a new contemporary dance production about the 27 year imprisonment of Nelson Mandela and the ending of apartheid in South Africa.

    The production which will feature original music, stageplay and choreography, with film and visuals by HarryAmir, is being developed with support from Arts Council England with funding from the National Lottery. You can find out more here! - Prisoner 466 Website
  • Harry & Amir join panel at Open City Docs Festival London


    Harry & Amir present on panel, for Iran focus discussion at Open City Docs Fest

    Harry & Amir were asked to present on a panel discussion about today's film industry in Iran - its potential and opportunities, at the Open City Docs Fesitval in London, as part of the festival's Iran focus "Cinemadoosti" strand.

    We had a fantastic time! There was great feedback from the audience, and some really valuable discussions raised. More about the session here - Open City Docs Fest Event
  • HarryAmir Working with Ali Oskouie on Heaven's Gate


    HarryAmir has created a partnership with Tehran animation studio Eshragh Animation

    HarryAmir has created a partnership with Eshragh Animation in Tehran to support current production At The Heaven's Gate and to represent the studio in Europe.

    Outsourcing animation and CGI can often just mean shifting off some number-crunching, but with creative as strong as Eshragh is producing, you may want to just in-source the number-crunching.
  • HarryAmir's Aerial Filming in Iran


    HarryAmir joins with Faradid for aerial filming in Iran

    Need to lift an Arri 235 from zero to 2000 feet? With Faradid's RC Helicopter with giro-stabilised 35mm camera mount, that's not a problem - giving some fantastically steady and breathtaking shots of some of the worlds most dramatic locations.

    But don't take our word for it, after using it on the new $50m film about the Prophet Mohammed's early life, shot recently in Iran, this one's had the seal of approval from Vittorio Storaro, cinematographer of Apocalypse Now. "Beats dangling yourself out of the side of a Huey at 2000 feet" he said apparently.
  • Carly's Exit Selected in New York and San Fransisco


    Carly's Exit, created with contemporary dance company Hinged is selected in New York and San Fran Dance festivals.

    With it's first film for UK dance company Hinged HarryAmir has seen it's work selected at two of America's biggest dance film festivals - The San Francisco Dance Festival and the New York Dance on Camera festival.
  • HarryAmir at Fajr Film Market in Tehran


    Harry and Amir drum up some business from the HarryAmir stand at Fajr International Market 2014

    With our newly minted business cards we took a stand at the Fajr International Film Market in Tehran in February.

    This was a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues, build on relationships we'd already established as well as meet a host of new people and companies in the business.

    This was a hugely positive event, it confirmed to us that there was work to be done in the Iranian film business and lots of film-makers and technicians well up for it.

    See our Fajr Album →