The current exchange rate, skilled crews, permanent sets and huge range of dramatic locations, make Iran an increasingly attractive destination for foreign productions.

  • Iran has a long and proud cinema history. Its well established film industry produces around 70 feature films a year, most recently producing the Best Foreign Film Oscar winner "A Separation" in 2012.

  • As a current affairs destination Iran is regular feature of news headlines. It is a key regional player on the apex between Asia, Russia, the Caucusus, the Middle East and North Africa.

  • It features a huge range of locations from broad-leaved woodlands, to sun-baked deserts, from snowy mountains to salt-flats. From padi-fields to double-decker freeways.

  • Iran also features some of the most dramatic ancient monuments in the world including 16 UNESCO world heritage sites, such as the enormous 500BC Palaces of Persepolis.