• The Music of Srangers


    Proud to have collaborated on Morgan Neville's Grammy Award Winning documentary following Yo-Yo Ma's musical journey along the Silk Road

  • At The Heaven's Gate


    An animated feature film directed by Ali Ouskie

  • Aerial Filming


    Aerial photography reel Iran

    Need to lift an Arri 235 from zero to 2000 feet? With Faradid's RC Helicopter with giro-stabilised 35mm camera mount, that's not a problem - giving some fantastically steady and breathtaking shots of some of the worlds most dramatic locations.

    But don't take our word for it, after using it on the new $50m film about the Prophet Mohammed's early life, shot recently in Iran, this one's had the seal of approval from Vittorio Storaro, cinematographer of Apocalypse Now. "Beats dangling yourself out of the side of a Huey at 2000 feet" he said apparently.
  • Swedish Flames


    An investigation of the race riots that broke out in Husby, Sweden in 2013

  • Carly's Exit


    Our dance film with Hinged dance company, selected in New York and San Francisco Dance Festivals

  • Avalanche

    Music Video

    Marionette music video for Swedish London band Foreign Slippers